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PampaType, first digital type foundry from Argentina, was founded in 2001 by typeface designer Alejandro Lo Celso, with the purpose of developing high quality type families for text and display use.

PampaType's work pioneered the latest Latin American wave in type design. Our fonts have been broadly recognized and internationally prized.  We believe in the idea of diversity. So it is not unusual that our type families include many different styles, some of them meant for text composition, some others for titling or decorative use.
Our fonts are carefully handcrafted. We pay serious attention to details so characters look good both printed and on screen. Spacing and kerning pairs are made by hand following visual strategies rather than mathematical methods. Therefore instead of feeling mechanical, our fonts build an organic rhythm, contributing to a friendly atmosphere and a comfortable reading.

Working philosophy

  • We believe in type design because we think that graphic language is still very important for our life.
  • We believe in quality because we think that what matters has to be said in sharp and beautiful forms and with a clear intention in mind.
  • We also believe in human interaction and sharing, thus we take workshops for serious, they are an important part of our type designing experience.
  • We believe that type plays a very significant role in human culture. So it has to involve as much diversity and world perspective as possible.

We are proud to work with
these people

Guido Ferreyra

Font developer & webmaster

Córdoba, Argentina

Francisco Gálvez Pizarro

Contributing type designer

Santiago, Chile

Alejandro Lo Celso

Principal & Type Designer

Córdoba, Argentina

Manuel López Rocha

Contributing type designer

Xalapa, México

Iván Moreno Majul

Font developer & community manager

Veracruz, México

María Laura Olcina

Community Manager

Santa Fe, Argentina

Javier Quintana Godoy

Contributing type & web designer

Santiago, Chile

Francis Ramel

Contributing type designer

Metz, France