Arlt Lanzallamas is not a font.

Arlt Lanzallamas is a living font.

As you type in using this font, the whole text dynamically changes its form.

Amaze your readers and retain their attention with words that shake subtly and still remain comfortable to read.Try it out!

Arlt Lanzallamas. A living font

Arlt Lanzallamas, the ultimate addition to the Arlt family, is a dynamic font based on a programmed cycle that performs a permutation all along the Arlt 7 Locos fonts while you are typing in. The length of the cycle is controled by the text line. This font works in any OpenType-sensitive desktop app. Have fun!

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Arlt Lanzallamas

Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso.
Programmed by Iván Moreno.

© 2014

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    Basic Latin

    Characters per font
    Lanzallamas Irregular 1953

    Arlt Lanzallamas Irregular

    Features & Specials

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    Individual styles

    Arlt Lanzallamas Irregular
    [ 1 font / Basic Latin / special dynamic behaviour ]

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