The fonts used in this tester are subset and don’t represent the full character repertoire and OpenType features.

A subtle fat face for giant bodies

PampaType's interpretation of the modern style (in the sense of Didot and Bodoni) takes the form of a humorous, sensual fat face for display use. We named it Margarita after Bodoni’s widow, who had published the famous Manuale Tipografico four years after her husband’s death. Margarita is declined in four fonts: roman and italic in two forms, solid and engraved. It also includes a set of intriguing ornaments designed to create elegant frames and backgrounds. Please only use Margarita on huge sizes!

Read more about Margarita | Margarita 2.0: big extension


Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso
Character set extended by Francis Ramel

© 2010–2017

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  • Didone
  • big sizes
  • decorative
  • delicate
  • display
  • engraved
  • fashion
  • fat face
  • fleurons
  • flowers
  • heading
  • high contrast
  • logo
  • magazine
  • modern
  • multi-style
  • neoclassical
  • openface
  • ornaments
  • poster
  • posters
  • serif
  • titling
  • Language coverage
    Latin extended

    Characters per font
    Margarita 874
    Margarita Itálica 869
    Margarita Luce 925
    Margarita Luce Itálica 921

    Margarita Regular
    Margarita Itálica
    Margarita Luce
    Margarita Luce Itálica

    Features & Specials

    case sensitive forms


    discretionary ligatures

    special ligatures

    alternate glyphs

    Long descender g

    Curly k

    Big drop r

    Curved y

    Inverted tail y

    Baseline aligned J

    Inverted arm K

    Straight leg K

    Open arms

    long s

    extended currencies

    oldstyle figures

    lining figures

    alternate zeros

    basic fractions



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    Margarita complete family [4 fonts / Latin extended]

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    • Desktop+Web

    Individual styles

    Margarita Regular

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Margarita Itálica

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Margarita Luce

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Margarita Luce Itálica

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web