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La luna
también ilumina
a los ladrones de flores

the fonts used on this tester are subsetted and doesn’t represent the full caracter coverage and opentype features

A chancery cursive companion to Borges

Borges Poema, the ultimate addition to the Borges type family, is a contemporary chancery that can be useful when seeking a delicate atmosphere. It can build a very dignified text but it will show its charm if used at short pieces of texts, headings & titlings, invitation cards and the like.

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Borges Poema

Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso

© 2004

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    Basic Latin


    Borges Poema

    Features & Specials

    Borges Poema was released in 2004. If you acquired a license of this font in the past, notice that we are extending all our older type families. Additional to new glyphs and features, they will wear our SuperLatin character set covering more than 200 languages. Font upgrades are free of charge. Stay tuned, join our newsletter.
    For any request about this type please contact us.

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    Borges Poema

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