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Les effarés




Ginger Cake

Chocolate Itálica


the fonts used on this tester are subsetted and doesn’t represent the full caracter coverage and opentype features

The display companion to Rayuela

Rayuela Display is the companion series for more relaxed uses. Rayuela LUZ is an elegant openface with its stroke endings also open, which gives it a half-Tuscan serif look. Rayuela Miscelánea is a fancy scrabble-like font with 'jumping' figures just as in a hopscotch, and with contemporary fleurons allocated in the caps. Finally Rayuela Chocolate is the ultra-black set in roman and cursive.

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Rayuela Display

Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso

© 2001 - 2006

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  • Heavy weight
  • deco
  • decorative
  • dingbats
  • display
  • dynamic
  • engraved
  • fleurons
  • flowers
  • informal
  • inline
  • legible
  • literary
  • literature
  • lyric
  • magazines
  • novels
  • openface
  • ornaments
  • poetic
  • poetry
  • puzzle
  • scrabble
  • serif
  • system
  • text
  • word games
  • Language coverage

    Basic Latin

    Characters per font
    Rayuela Luz 234
    Rayuela Miscelánea 146
    Rayuela Chocolate 252
    Rayuela Chocolate Itálica 257


    Rayuela Luz
    Rayuela Miscelánea
    Rayuela Chocolate
    Rayuela Chocolate Itálica

    Features & Specials

    Rayuela Display was released in 2001 - 2006. If you acquired a license of this font in the past, notice that we are extending all our older type families. Additional to new glyphs and features, they will wear our SuperLatin character set covering more than 200 languages. Font upgrades are free of charge. Stay tuned, join our newsletter.
    For any request about this type please contact us.

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    Prices for up to 5 computers and 50.000 page views per month. Please contact us for extended licences

    Rayuela complete Family

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Individual styles

    Rayuela Luz

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Rayuela Miscelánea

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Rayuela Chocolate

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web

    Rayuela Chocolate Itálica

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Desktop+Web