Published by PampaType Team  |  November 26, 2016

Experience the new PampaType website

We are happy to have launched this new website. We have worked hard to try to integrate traditional solutions with innovative resources, to let you appreciate our typefaces in an attractive and versatile manner. Also it is important for us to try to convey the values that we bear in mind when we create our types: Quality, versatility, equilibrium between transparency and expressiveness, balance between power and sensibility. Our typefaces are designed and produced with great care. Now we offer you a better tool to appreciate their qualities.

Fonts tester

The new tester exploits the traditional idea of a type specimen while taking advantage of the dynamic interaction that is possible in nowadays’ internet. Specimens composed of words and phrases in big bodies let you quickly appreciate qualities and details of fonts and families. However, making them interactive, letting you modify and write in the texts, just makes it better.

Font testers show a limited version of the font. However our recent typefaces wear a SuperLatin character set, covering around 200 languages within the Latin alphabet. Our older typefaces are being extended so all our type library will be up to date. Contact us regarding any question. And stay tuned, upgrades are usually for free.

Also, we used to separate versions Standard and Pro, the last one including all the typographic goodies. However this proved to be confusing to some users, and we think this differentiation has become obsolete. Our typefaces are ‘all inclusive’ now. You no longer worry about formats except for desktop or web.


The new shopping cart is easier than ever. Just pay and download the fonts immediately.
We offer our typefaces as desktop and webfonts. Purchase the bundle desktop + web and save 50% of the webfont price.
Consider registering too. Having your own account takes seconds and it will let you access your purchase history and your dowloads forever. If you include your post address we can send you future printed material for free.

Custom projects

Visit the custom section and see some of our tailored type systems created to meet specific needs.


We have a new blog. We’ll publish a diversity of articles and insights from our community of designers, typographers, and thinkers. It made sense to us to name it ‘Scriptorium’, as we also love calligraphy and history. Stay tunned, join our newsletter and hear directly from us.

Nameplate composed in Violeta, the new typeface by Javier Quintana, an upcoming release.

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