Invited by the design studio Enigma, we created a new typeface for IMPI, the Mexican institute for the industrial property.

In 2014 the Mexican studio Enigma invited us to collaborate in the creation of a new typeface for IMPI, Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, the national office for industrial patents regulation.

We designed a system of five interrelated fonts, in response to the diverse needs of the institution, such as display ephemera, extensive documents, instructional material, and the like. We also created a micro version to be used at legal copy and security applications. All fonts include all kinds of figures, editorial & diacritical marks, currencies, math glyphs, and all.

This typeface was awarded the ‘a! diseño’ prize 2014, a significant award in México.


Designed by Isaías Loaiza and Alejandro Lo Celso (a project of the design studio Enigma)
© 2014

Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI)

Type system
IMPI Display, IMPI Texto Regular, IMPI Texto Itálica, IMPI Texto Negra, IMPI Micro

Prize “a! diseño”, Mexico 2014