The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, an institution with a history of four centuries, commissioned us the design of a new typeface to address their multiple visual communication needs.

In order to celebrate the centenary of the University Reform, occurred in this house in 1918, the UNC hired us to create a bespoke type design. The new family had to convey, on one hand, the intellectual heritage of an institution of four hundred years, multifaceted protagonist in the history of the continent, and on the other the spirit of public education in nowadays’ Argentina, identified with values such as democracy, colective knowledge, horizontal exchange, equal opportunities.

The resulting design named ‘Reforma’ is a multistyle typeface composed of three subfamilies: Reforma 1918, Reforma 1969, and Reforma 2018. In respect to stroke modulation and overall anatomy, Reforma 1918 is the classic version, Reforma 2018 is the modern sanserif, and Reforma 1969 is an intermediate hybrid combining the virtues of the former two. All three styles behave finely in a wide range of bodies from display to immersive text.

Following the policy of national education in Argentina, open, inclusive, and free, the typeface Reforma commissioned by the UNC is freely available as libre fonts.

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Designed by: Alejandro Lo Celso
Post-produced by Guido Ferreyra
© 2015–2018

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Type system
Reforma 1918 Blanca & Blanca Itálica
Reforma 1918 Gris & Gris Itálica
Reforma 1918 Negra & Negra Itálica
Reforma 1969 Blanca & Blanca Itálica
Reforma 1969 Gris & Gris Itálica
Reforma 1969 Negra & Negra Itálica
Reforma 2018 Blanca & Blanca Itálica
Reforma 2018 Gris & Gris Itálica
Reforma 2018 Negra & Negra Itálica
Reforma 2018 UltraNegra & UN Itálica

Tipos Latinos International biennial, 2018
A Typographica favourite of 2018