A well reputed art school in México commissioned us the creation of a new typeface to launch their new visual program.

UNARTE is a renown art & design school in Puebla that takes seriously its visual identity. They commissioned us the design of a new type that could match their thoughtful ideas and daily engagement in education and creativity.

We forced ourselves to find a geometric design, we thought it could better match the dna of a contemporary art school. However we didn't want a cold, spiritless geometry, but strong shapes defined by delicate curves.

The type system includes a series of icons specially designed to replace the letter A in unArte at diverse occasions. So these icons can be used to reflect in a relaxed manner specific messages needed at school. The design process benefitted from a rich communication with the school board, a rewarding experience.


Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso
Programmed by Iván Moreno
© 2015

Unarte, universidad del arte (Puebla, México)

Type system
unArte Logo Blanca, unArte Logo Gris, unArte Logo Negra, unArte Texto Blanca, unArte Texto Blanca Itálica, unArte Texto Gris, unArte Texto Gris Itálica, unArte Texto Negra, unArte Texto Negra Itálica