This is a book devoted to the memory of Juan (Ifantidis) Andralis, surrealist, typographer, printer, poet, translator, editor, graphic designer, and painter; who had a significant influence on the life and work of several outstanding personalities of art and culture in Buenos Aires, from the early 60's until his early death in 1994.
The book is an elegant weaving of interlocking documents: Personal letters that Juan wrote to close friends, intimate interviews that reveal much of his views on art and life, exciting testimonies from acquaintances and colleagues who portray him in adventures and crazy episodes. All of it is well seasoned with revealing visual material that includes photographs, letters, drawings, designs, printing pieces. This delicate book will slowly immerse you in the genial spirit of a subtle and inspiring figure like that of Juan Andralis.
Andralis is finely printed in two inks and is carefully designed by Zalma Jalluf and its author, Rubén Fontana, who also designed the typeface used in the composition of the book: the ‘Andralis’ family, a tribute to his friend and mentor.
This valuable book has not been available in recent years. At PampaType we are pleased to contribute to its new availability. We trust that interested readers will appreciate this deeply enjoyable and inspiring reading.
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Note: If Spanish is not your mother tongue but you are looking to consolidate your knowledge of Spanish, this book is an excellent opportunity.

Author Rubén Fontana
Designed by Zalma Jalluf and Rubén Fontana
Publisher TPG ediciones, 2006
Binding Soft cover
Language Spanish
Pages 316
Size 21,7 x 13 cm
Interior Paper Witcel ledger 90 grs/cm2
ISBN-10 987-22227-1-1
ISBN-13 978-987-22227-1-0

[Photos of book by Alejandro Calderone Caviglia Studio, Buenos Aires]