Type Divertimenti Set

First four issues of the specimen series type divertimenti devoted to the typefaces Amster, Atahualpa, Berenjena (no longer in our font library) and Chercán. Composed in a relaxed manner and within a poetic atmosphere. Finely designed by our foundry team. Free shipping

Content Set of four specimen leaflets
Designed by Francisco Gálvez, Alejandro Lo Celso, Juan Mercerón, Javier Quintana
Language English
Pages 8 (per specimen)
Size 14,3 × 24 cm.
Interior paper Saima Antique 80 g printed in one ink
Cover paper Cardboard paper Mohawwk Strathmore Writing, Bright White 238 grs/cm2, printed in two inks
Printed by Gráficas Acea, Caracas, Venezuela