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Oncle Jaques

Jeux intelligents


Jewels, Secrets, Sex (1996)


Svår Korsordet

Perec Ludique. The playful companion set

The Perec Ludique is an additional series of playful fonts that can properly combine with the Perec fonts. The Ludique includes a 3D chrome-like version named PL OncleJacques, tribute to a jeweller; a stencil font full of alternates named PL Pochoir; and a font of letter boxes that follow the idea of crossing words. This set is being extended up to our new char set to cover more than 200 languages. Stay tuned, upgrades are free of charge.

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Perec Ludique

Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso

© 2010

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    Basic Latin


    Perec Ludique Onlce Jaques
    Perec Ludique Pochoir
    Perec Ludique Cubes

    Features & Specials

    Perec Ludique was released in 2010. If you acquired a license of this font in the past, notice that we are extending all our older type families. Additional to new glyphs and features, they will wear our SuperLatin character set covering more than 200 languages. Font upgrades are free of charge. Stay tuned, join our newsletter.
    For any request about this type please contact us.

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    Perec Ludique complete Family

    Individual styles




    Perec Ludique Onlce Jaques

    Perec Ludique Pochoir

    Perec Ludique Cubes