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Published byAlejandro Lo Celso  |  October 10, 2002

Borges. A versatile typeface of literary inspiration


Borges is the result of my admiration as reader for the fantastic oeuvre of Jorge Luis Borges. His writing technique, that of a throrough, tireless goldsmith, at endlessly seeking the perfect word, suggested a clean, economical letterform, of certain elegance. This awarded typeface has become one of the classic from PampaType. Read the ideas behind the design of Borges.

Borges A multi-style typeface comfortable for reading

I designed the text versions firstly, and later I felt the need of extending the concept to display fonts. In its anatomy Borges is a classic type that combines dignity and grace from the French Renaissance with a contemporary flavor, not far from Dutch types from the digital era. All this gives Borges a versatility in use as well as comfortability in reading.

Borges. Fantastic story teller


Jorge Luis Borges wrote a notably original oeuvre, which gave water to all literary genres: narrative, poetry, essay, and within the most diverse subjects. There is a Borges resident of the pampas and a lunfardo connoisseur (the argot of Buenos Aires), while there is a mystic Borges, a Nordic mythologies lover, and a surrealist Borges who created 'The Aleph' and pararell universes. There is an Argentinean Borges and a universal Borges; there are two Borges, a youngman and an older both seated at the extremes of the same bench, unwinding a time that is past for the one and future for the other. J.L.Borges honoured human imagination, and gave us an exquisite literary work, rich in ideas and poetic expression.


Teh Borges type family is an attempt at reflecting that state of diversity, controversy, singularity: a type that may express precision, moderation, character, and economy; qualities with which Borges conceived his words; a type that could capture some of the fantastic which was a significant part of his creative world.
Its letterforms are slightly narrow, with a pretty large x-height, and short ascenders and descenders, which favours its use within newspapers and other space-saving situations. However Borges gives the text-line a sublte horizontal stress, its forms are round & open which makes it more comfortable in reading. Finally, its flowing cursives provide a harmonic contrast with the romans.


Borges, a versatile family

Four weights of roman, cursive, and smallcaps offer good alternatives for text setting. The Borges Título subfamily is good for space-saving situations, and its open version is an elegant sort for special occasions. Finally there is Borges Poema, a contemporary spirited chancery font aimed at very delicate moments.


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