Published by PampaType Team  |  January 11, 2017

PampaType is now on Fontstand

We are happy to announce that our fonts are now available at Fontstand, the ultimate smart solution to browse, test, and rent high-quality fonts from the best independent foundries worldwide, and within an affordable price. Let us help you figure out why this is important.

Designers are always seeking for new, exciting fonts to use in their new projects. Sometimes there is a budget and they want to own a license of the font so they can use it any time they want. Sometimes the budget is limited or the designer wants to use the font just in that particular project. Here is when Fontstand comes in.

They created a smart, simple, standalone app that lets you browse, test and rent fonts from a curated collection of independent foundries globally. This app lets you try free for an hour any font before you rent it for a month. Both OpenType and Webfonts are available. If you keep renting a particular font, after 12 months you become owner and you can download it for perpetual use.

Visit, download the free app and start enjoying the quality work from independent type designers. Its easy-going interface makes all the typeface sophistication understandable even for novice users. An advanced filtering system helps you find the right font for the right use. Its creative selection of quality foundries helps sustain the work of independent type designers.

This is why we joined in. Now our typefaces are also available at Fontstand.

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