Being an ongoing academic project in the École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine, Metz, France, 'Messine' is a type system created for the visual communication of the school.

This project has involved already several generations of students and it keeps expanding. A first workshop at the ESAL, organized by Jérôme Knebusch, artist, typographer, and teacher at the school, took place in 2010. We gave birth to a titling face: Messine Titrage. Throughout an exploration of styles both in calligraphic & type design practice, the students & us decided that Messine should wear neoclassical clothes, not far from a Baskervillian style, though with a contemporary feel. The resulting type is being used for the headlines of Le Salon, a yearly, refined publication made at school.

Messine Titrage actually won two honors: it was prized at a student type design competition hold by the Fine Press Book Association (USA), and it was selected for Ampersand, the first student type design exhibition made in Brighton, UK in 2013.

A second workshop in 2012 with a new group of students allowed for an extension of Messine into text, Messine Quotidienne was born, Also we set up the ideas for a wayfinding sanserif, Messine Sens!, aimed at the signage in school.

We visited ESAL again in February 2014 for a third workshop. Again new students could refine the earlier designs and create new additions to the family: Messine Quotidienne Gras, a bold for text, much needed at the administration offices; and 2 cursive versions (regular caps & swash caps), and complete though not finish the Messine Sens.

A fourth workshop in 2016 meant also refining what was done before and create a new font: an extreme contrast, relaxed poster version that we made cut in wood blocks so students are now able to use these blocks to compose posters.

We are happy with this project, and look forward to engage again with the ESAL students in the future.


Designed by the students, under the guidance of Jérôme Knebusch and Alejandro Lo Celso.
© 2010–2016

Type system
Messine Titrage, Messine Quotidienne, Messine Quotidienne Italique, Messine Quotidienne Gras, Messine Sens, Messine Affiche